Business Peak Rewards

Wadsworth Peak Rewards for Business is a new energy management program for City of Wadsworth electric customers that’s so important, we’ll pay you to participate. You’ll earn $25 right away, then $40 every summer you participate in the Peak Rewards program.* These rewards appear as credits on your electric bills. There’s no catch. There’s no charge. The program is completely voluntary.

Business Participation

But Wadsworth needs your participation. On the hottest summer days when thousands of central air conditioners in our area are all running at the same time, the demand for electricity can put a strain on our power supply. That’s where you come in.Join now and we’ll install your choice of a web-programmable thermostat inside your business or an outdoor switch near your central air conditioning unit. These devices will automatically “cycle” your air conditioning unit on days when electricity demand is highest, helping to reduce demand when it counts most.During these times, your unit’s fan will continue to run, circulating air throughout your facility. The program functions automatically, so participation requires your facility be equipped with broadband service.

How You Help

With Peak Rewards, you help keep our power supply steady, maintain electricity prices that are lower than the national average, and improve the impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions. And you can save even more next summer by enrolling your electric hot water heater.**

Introducing the Peak Rewards Thermostat

The Peak Rewards Web-programmable Thermostat can save you even more money – as much as 10% off your annual electric bills. Plus, it gives you the power to control your facility’s temperature remotely, so it's just right when you walk in the door. This state-of-the-art energy-saving device will be professionally installed at no charge to you. Customers must have broadband (BB) Internet access to receive the web-programmable thermostat or outdoor switch.

Thermostat Features

  • Program for up to 10% annual savings on your cooling and heating bills*
  • Change temperature and program manually at your facility, or through the Internet
  • Seven-day/four-interval programming for customization to your schedule
  • Large, high resolution LCD display for reading at a glance
  • Professionally installed in your facility at no charge
A thermostat unit
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  • Customer must have central air conditioner, electric hot water heater or pool pump to participate
  • Customer must have control of thermostat. If Customer is a renter, Customer must certify Customer has received approval from the landlord
  • Customer must have a broadband connection

Incentives / Bill Credits

  • The $25 installation credit will be applied to the Customer’s electric bill the following month after the control device (Equipment) is installed
  • The $40 annual participation credits will be split into (4) monthly credits, $10 per month June to September. Monthly bill credits will be applied in the next billing cycle for the previous month of participation
  • Credit will only be applied if the account is marked as participating on the last day of the bill period
  • Customer will receive full credit for the month of participation in the program as long as their account is marked as participating on the last day of the month (June to September)
  • Additional devices are also eligible for monthly participation credits. Qualifying pool pumps earn a $1 per month bill credit (June to September). Participating electric hot water heaters earn a $1.50 per month bill credit (June to September)
  • The company will install the Equipment as expeditiously as possible, but can’t guarantee installation will occur within a set number of days

Change in Participation

  • If customer elects to be removed from the program, the device will be disabled in the operational and billing systems effective immediately. Note: Equipment will not be physically removed.
  • If customer discontinues their participation in the program, they will forgo any future bill credits.

Conservation Periods

  • Conservation periods will occur during June 1 through September 30 on non-holiday weekdays (Monday to Friday).
  • Conservation periods can last anywhere from 4 to 6 hours.
  • Customer may override up to one conservation period per year without changing their incentives.
  • Customers who choose to override more than one conservation period per year will forgo their monthly bill credit for any month they override additional conservation periods.


Work performed by participating contractors is not guaranteed or subject to any representation or warranty, either expressed or implied or otherwise, by the City of Wadsworth or COMVERGE. Neither the City of Wadsworth nor COMVERGE makes any guarantee or any other representation or warranty, expressed or implied or otherwise, as to the quality, cost or effectiveness of any product (s) provided or work(s) performed by any participating contractor or by any such participating contractor’s employees, subcontractors or suppliers. Energy efficiency gains are subject to a number of variable conditions and circumstances. While it is the intent of the Peak Rewards program to achieve energy efficiencies, neither the City of Wadsworth nor COMVERGE guarantees or warrants that any specific energy efficiency gains will be achieved for a particular customer under the program.

* You'll receive a one-time $25 installation bill credit within 60 days of the device installation and a $10 bill credit each month, June through September.

** Participating electric hot water heaters earn a $1.50 bill credit each month, June through September.