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Watch TV Everywhere!

Watch TV from your PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android


Click on the logo above & register to view the Wadsworth Cable offerings you see at home on your TV on your PC, tablet or phone!

* a service for City of Wadsworth Cable subscribers that have the Enhanced Tier

*networks available are based on the channels you currently subscribe to on Wadsworth Cable

REGISTERING requires entering WADS and then your city utility account number

(Example: WADSxxxxxxxx-xxx)

Each account may have up to 3 sub accounts ... just use the same account number with separate e-mails and passwords

WatchTVEverywhere will send you an e-mail; click on the link in your e-mail to complete the registration.

Once registered, log into WTVE - click on the various offerings available to view them. Networks will be added and will vary, so check back frequently to see what is available.